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Amaryllis launched its services from Port Said, the city located at the northern entrance of the Suez Canal from the Mediterranean side, It is the world most dynamic area in the seaborne movement, where approximately 18,000 vessels of different types and sizes passes through the Suez Canal annually.

Amaryllis has a highly trained and qualified staff, supervised by the best experts in shipping agencies and marine services in the Middle East and Africa.

Amaryllis is fully committed to exceeding its customers’ expectations in services quality. Through our high efficiency in shipping market and the forming of strategic alliances with numerous reputable companies, Amaryllis has more depth in providing our valued customers with products and services.

Amaryllis is grateful and proud of its customers' trust and has pledged to provide additional solutions in the shipping sector to meet all the demands of its customers and all the vessels that transiting the Suez Canal and destined for Egyptian ports.

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